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Whether it's a hot rod, classic, or custom, we capture the passion and creativity that people bring to their automotive projects. Capturing that and the form, design, and essence of a person’s build is what Garage|Shots Magazine is all about.

Garage|Shots is about the art of the build. Different cars are beautiful for different reasons. Our magazine aims to show the creativity and innovation that are the result of transforming an idea into an object of beauty. Car builders spend hours, months, and years working on their cars. Whether they do the work themselves or have the work done by others, the projects live inside their heads 24/7. This magazine showcases the creativity, artistry and innovation that each puts into their project. The results are amazing.

Garage|Shots Magazine

This is a visually stunning Canadian magazine built with the same careful touches as a show-winning hot or street rod. Each issue features a blend of traditional hot rods and classic customs, and the personalities behind the builds. For more info, contact us.



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